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We list the various software providers and where possible, we provide a stand alone review of the software and who is behind it all. This is an ongoing work in progress so come back and visit from time to time.

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Playtech Software

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Playtech designs, develops and deploys unified gaming platforms for the online gaming industry. Founded in 1999 by a team of ecommerce entrepreneurs and multimedia specialists, and guided by seasoned land based operators, Playtech today has over 170 employees distributed globally, around two-thirds of whom are engaged in research and development of current and future gaming technologies. The success of the company's initial product offering - online casino software - led Playtech to expand its range to include Live Gaming, bingo and soon-to-be-released poker and games of skill, and to develop a universal platform into which these gaming activities could be freely incorporated, accessed and managed as stand-alone, plug-and-play applications. As a result, Playtech finds itself positioned favorably to capitalize on the growing market for multi-activity gaming operations.

Since the company's inception, Playtech has earned broad recognition for its innovations in gaming technology and is credited with the introduction of many industry firsts: from real-time game and transaction histories, VIP rating and a Comp Points scheme to groundbreaking fraud prevention and player retention tools; from live human dealers in the Live Gaming concept to progressive games featuring interactive, animated bonus stages and real-time, online contact between players and customer service personnel. Playtech's business philosophy places its licensees at the centre of the company's innovation-led development efforts. Our development team works in close synergy with licensees to deliver faster turnaround times and offer greater flexibility vis-à-vis product development and customization. We don't believe that 'one product fits all' - so we work with each licensee on a dedicated, one-to-one basis, addressing his particular needs and tailoring the product to suit his operation accordingly. This practice of ongoing and open dialogue and the symbiosis it engenders has led to the development of some of our most successful and revenue generating product innovations. Playtech made an initial strategic decision not to operate its own gaming activities, realizing that such a move would create conflicts of interest with its future licensees. The company wants to maintain its position as a neutral third party software provider.

Seismic changes in the online gaming industry are afoot. Growing uncertainty over the future of the U.S. market has shifted attention eastward toward Europe and Asia, and south into Latin America and beyond. Growing competition has forced operators to diversify and provide players with a broader entertainment experience, one that combines elements of traditional casino gambling with mass appeal phenomena, like bingo and lottery, and games of skill. All the while keeping apace with the latest developments in payment processing technology, fraud prevention and system security and ensuring compliance with the high standards required by top gaming jurisdictions. In a game of ever-rising stakes, only Playtech possesses the combination of technological prowess, industry experience and adaptive thinking necessary to propel your operation to success. The future holds much in store. Don't miss out.

Leapfrog Gaming

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Leap Frog have changed the way that the online viewer enjoys their bingo! They offer bingo in a 3D Virtual environment. The focus is on the virtual visit so that that playing bingo is a natural extention of that fun and pleasure. The developers and owners also have a strong casino gaming background so the online slots and video poker games are really special. We simply know that you will enjoy your stay! So come on in and join the fun. Play bingo at our featured Leapfrog bingo halls!

Dot Com Entertainment Group (Parlay)

dot com Entertainment Group (DCEG), through its licensing subsidiary Parlay Entertainment Limited and software development arm Precyse Corporation, is focused on the creation, licensing and support of Internet gaming software products and related services.

As a pioneer in the development and licensing of multi-player, pay-for-play Bingo technology on the Internet, DCEG is the leader in the on-line bingo market, and offers a comprehensive suite of Java, Flash and downloadable lottery and casino products.

Parlay Entertainment Limited is a premier licensor of e-gaming software and related services. Parlay provides technical and application support, custom web development and a wide array of consulting services to more than 20 customers operating close to 40 on-line Bingo halls and Casinos worldwide.

Click here to see a detailed review of Bingo Card, a Flagship site and home of the bingo millionaire game.

Bingo Entertainment Group

Bingo Entertainment Ltd has fast developed into one of the most trusted and popular marketing and management companies in the online gaming industry. Founded in 1999, Bingo Entertainment Ltd has now expanded to an international staff of over 60, and has delivered financial performance of the highest standard.

Now a new value added service has been added to Bingo Entertainment's portfolio; software licensing. Bingo Entertainment is now in the position to offer potential licensees a customized gaming system, an integrated payment system and the maintenance and administration services necessary for the operation of the licensed gaming system. All licensees have to do is generate traffic to participate in Bingo Empire, which aims at becoming the biggest bingo network in the world.

Byworth Investments

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WagerLogic Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CryptoLogic Inc., is responsible for the licensing of its gaming software and services to an internationally-recognized blue chip customer base. Premiere gaming companies including William Hill, The Ritz Club London, Littlewoods Gaming, ukbetting plc and Betfair have all chosen WagerLogic to deliver the trust and gaming excitement their names demand.

Since inception in 1996, our software has processed more than US$16 billion in wagers for over 1.7 million players in 240 countries. The Company's gaming solution is comprised of a total suite of more than 80 Internet-based casino, multi-player bingo and player-to-player poker games in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Italian) and multiple currencies (US Dollars, British Pound Sterling and Euros) with an integrated e-cash management system and 24/7 customer support.

CryptoLogic is a leading software and services provider to the worldwide Internet gaming market. The Company's proprietary technologies enable secure, high-speed financial transactions over the Internet, and its leadership in regulatory compliance makes it one of very few companies with gaming software that is certified to strict standards similar to land-based gaming. CryptoLogic's common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol: CRY), the Nasdaq National Market (symbol: CRYP) and the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange (symbol: CRP).


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iGlobalMedia was founded in 1997 with the launch of Starluck Casino Online. Since 1998, we have owned and maintained all of our gaming and payment processing software, which provides us with the competitive advantages of increased control over our platform and improved operating margins.

From our beginnings as a small online casino company to our current status as one of the world's largest online entertainment creators with offices around the world, iGlobalMedia has always been an industry pacesetter with top-notch, cutting-edge products and services.

Today we are one of the most reputable and well-established Internet gaming system providers in the world. We provide a complete, market-driven offering of casino tables and slot games, multi-player poker and bingo, integrated payment processing and customer support in multiple currencies and languages. Since inception our system has processed billions in wagers (US$) for more than a million players in dozens of countries.

Although every reasonable attempt has been made to ensure the integrity of the online bingo halls represented on this site, as an affiliate we cannot be held responsible for the actions of the bingo halls and other associates. We feature the Best bingo online, Big cash win, Play bingo for money, Online Bingo, Internet Bingo.
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