Citadel - A simple and effectivel online bingo banking alternative

What is Citadel?

Citadel Commerce Electronic Internet Checks satisfies the need for a cost-effective, secure, and reliable way to collect payments and process transactions via the Internet with a server-based transaction processing system. This service enables businesses to authorize, process, and manage electronic check transactions in an online environment from any computer with a web connection and a browser. Citadel Commerce Electronic Internet Checks allows online merchants to easily accept and process electronic check payments directly from the merchant's web site for a processing fee less than those charged by credit card companies.

Citadel Commerce Electronic Internet Checks is an easy payment method for the millions of consumers in the U.S. who don't have credit cards or have reached their limit. Internet customers who wish to pay by check simply select the Citadel Commerce electronic check option and enter the requested bank account information. Citadel Commerce encrypts the data, and transmits it to their secure server for posting. The Bank Routing Code (RTN) numbers are automatically checked for accuracy by the Citadel Commerce database. If the numbers are incorrect, the customer is presented with the input form again to correct account information. The merchant is then notified of the transaction, and the customer receives approval of their purchase, which they can print for a receipt.

How to register or sign in

  • This Deposit method is available for Members in The US.
  • To deposit with Citadel in your account just follow these simple directions:
  • Click on Deposit
  • Click on the Citadel Tab
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  • Click on Deposit
  • You are sent to a secure web page
  • Sign up (or log in if you already have an account)
  • Create your Clear Pay ID
  • Fill in the identity registration form - click on submit
  • Write down your Personal Check information - click on submit.

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Citadel bingo

Citadel bingo halls. Funding bingo games direct from your bank account