EcoCard - European focussed online bingo banking alternative

What is EcoCard?

EcoCard is an ideal solution, offering the ultimate in security and anonymity. Quite simply, EcoCard is a prepaid virtual debit card that utilizes state-of-the-art Internet technologies, know-how and expertise, and a fully developed network of major banks across Europe with branch representations all over the world. EcoCardT provides consumers with opportunity to deposit cash conveniently in their home country and use EcoCardT worldwide on the web in the most convenient and safe way from home, work or any other Internet access point.

What are the key features of EcoCard that distinguish it from other alternative payment methods on the web?

  • Free payment transactions
  • Simple and quick registration and easy usage
  • "No spare questions asked" sign up policy
  • Wide network of European banks
  • Growing network of Internet gaming merchants
  • Increased market recognition
  • Multilanguage customer support

What are the benefits to you should you choose to start to use EcoCard?

  • Convenience and immediacy of use
  • Low cost
  • Anonymity
  • (EcoCard Number and Eco User ID uniquely identify the EcoCard Holder)
  • Secure transactions
  • Acceptance by gaming merchants
  • No payment rejection

Bingo Halls that accept EcoCard as a means of funding

Bingo Hall Click to read our review Click to visit the bingo hall
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Ruby Bingo Ruby Bingo Review Ruby Bingo
Tiki Bingo Tiki Bingo Review Tiki Bingo
777 Bingo 777 Bingo 777 Bingo
Prestige Bingo Prestige Bingo Prestige Bingo
You Bingo You Bingo You Bingo
Only Bingo Only Bingo Only Bingo
Mapau Bingo Mapau Bingo Mapau Bingo
Baraka Bingo Baraka Bingo Baraka Bingo

Although every reasonable attempt has been made to ensure the integrity of the bingo halls represented on this site, as an affiliate we cannot be held responsible for the actions of the bingo halls and other associates.
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EcoCard Bingo Halls

EcoCard bingo halls. Secure funding in total anonymity