History of Online Bingo

Bingo history dates far back as the 14th century, almost 500 years ago. It first started in Italy, and was called the "Lo Giuoco Code Lotto" since it was fashioned after a lottery. Around late 1700s it moved to France where it became a game for the wealthy aristocrats. In the 1800s, the craze reached Germany, where it became more of an educational pursuit teaching children Math, Spelling and History.

As seen by the Bingo history, Bingo has always been a hugely popular game. However, today, just like online poker, online bingo on the Internet has made it even more popular.

Finally in 1929, Bingo reached the shores of America and became popular as 'Beano'. It was played at county fairs with a caller drawing discs from a cigar box and players marking their cards with beans to cover the numbers called. Once a player won, he or she would yell "Beano"!

Edwin Lowe hired a professor named Carl Leffler and together they redeveloped the game of beano into bingo. By 1930 there were over 6000 different bingo cards and the game of bingo began to catch on in popularity. To add to it, people began playing bingo in churches and the money from it was used for charity. By 1934, an estimated 10,000 bingo games were played weekly around the world.

Today, bingo is played in several different ways by millions of people around the world. From cardboard cards and markers to cover the called numbers, many land-based bingo halls also use paper sheets where bingo players use ink daubers to mark the called bingo numbers. Some other land-based bingo halls have video bingo machines that automatically post the called bingo numbers.










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