The most popular online games: slots and bingo

Even if you have never heard about slots tournaments, they really exist. Before you apply for such a tournament, don’t forget to read very preciously the rules. It is important to mention that there are no rules which are universally accepted by the casinos. Obviously there are differences between poker tourneys and online slots. The slots machines might preserve some surprises to you.

How does it look like? It rules in the same way like poker tournaments: the player seats to a slot machine and plays. Of course the person who earns the highest money will get in the end of the tour the money. There are cases when not the person who has the most money will win in the end of the tourney. If somebody on a bonus round has the biggest money in the end will be awarded with the overall victory. So these are the reasons, which prescribe to you to know the rules and the possibilities even in the beginning of the tournament.

What is the most important factor in slot machines? Of course, as in the case of many gambling games is the payout percentage and frequency. This means the number of the spins, with other words, the number which has to do a player in order to hit the winning line. The criterion of course never ends here, but there are also tight and loose slot machines. There are differences between these two kinds of machines: the tight ones will hit less frequently, but contrary the winning amounts will be bigger every time in hits.

The amount in case of loose machines will be less, but the machine will pay out more often. So this means that the payout percentage of online slots games will be between 88-96 97%.

However, many people think that online slots are very harmful games in order to keep the older citizens active and offer them entertainment, but in fact, it is evidently a good business. Between online slots the online bingo is as well very popular game and not just for seniors. As a matter, just 2% of the players are seniors. More than 25% of the players are between 18 and 34. But why do people like so much the online bingo? Probably the main attractive factor is in its simplicity. Together with slots these may be the easiest online game, because it doesn’t require any special knowledge. So let’s try both of them!

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