Not Sure whether a Bingo Site is UK Based?

Online gambling has exploded online in the UK, especially with bingo. More and more sites are targeting the UK and its bingo players. The increase of British bingo players seems to grow every years and it seems that online bingo sites are also aware of this.

Not all of bingo sites are hosted or based in the UK; Infact, even the people who run the site may not even live in the UK. They all however seem to have one thing in common, they are all trying to target British bingo players in some form or another.

Most online bingo sites usually share the same concepts no matter what part of the world they are trying to target, there are however a few indications that sites will give out to tell you if they are UK friendly or their sole purpose is to target UK bingo sites.

  1. The most obvious clue to look for is the currency of a bingo site. If the currency the bingo site uses is in £ (pounds) then this is a big giveaway that site is UK aimed. This is because the £ is the currency that is used in England. When you use the deposit screen, if that is in £ then this is also a giveaway.

  2. The payment options the site uses. If they include such cards as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Solo, and Switch then this is also a clue.

  3. Asking the chat hosts were they are based, because American and England have different spellings. Usually UK citizens are usually used for UK bingo online sites.

  4. Looking at the domain name of the site can help when deciding where the site is based. If the site uses the extension then they are UK based. If they then they are usually worldwide based or may only target certain countries.

  5. Look out for bingo adverts on the TV. If bingo sites are paying for advertising campaigns on the UK TV then they are either UK based or are targeting the UK.

  6. Have a look at the branding. Some sites tend to make the obvious statement that they are UK based by the graphics on the website, such as the British flag, or something that is related to London. Big Ben or a London bus are huge giveaways as everyone associates England with London.

  7. Just because a site is not UK based does not mean that you are unable to sign up to that site or use it. The only problems you may have with using site that are US based for example is, the currency will be in $ which can be confusing and they may have different rules about the withdraw requests. One more point to give a thought to is the customer service. Phoning the USA will cost a lot more than calling a UK phone number.

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